THE school was established on disposal of the Ministry of Education on 25 March 1897. During the period of its existence the school had to undergo many changes connected with the school curriculum, syllabus and course design. The name of the school has been changed several times. In 1990 our school returned back to its original name, which is Business Academy. Economically oriented subjects taught at our school were completely changed and adapted according to the needs of free market economy. The number of optional special subjects has increased and the tuition became even more effective by dividing the students of classroom into two separate groups.

Theoretical knowledge of students is presented during the Business Week, which is the competition where students share their theoretical  and economic potentials. From the school year 1993/1994 the school became a member of applied economics group within  ,,The Bata Junior Achievement “ – an international business association. Our students reach really outstanding results seen from the point of view of Slovak National Business Competitions. The school has been chosen and joined  pilot project of  trial enterprises within Austrian-Slovak cooperation. The main aim  of this project is to raise the quality of education and tuition process and  to make better proportion between theoretical and practical knowledge. The education process is provided in specially arranged classrooms of economics, economical seminars, graphical subjects, teaching foreign languages and operating the word processor. Our PC net is joined by satellite to internet network communication. We have got our own gymnasium and fitness room for teaching P E lessons. The students can utilize the social room for relaxation and entertainment when they have free lessons or at long breaks, or after the lessons.

There is a school library where students can borrow books for reading – non fiction and special books or dictionaries. Classrooms are equipped with PC manual, monitors where the practical maturita is being arranged according to the latest standards and needs. After finishing the Business Academy students are able to join the free market economy process and they can utilize their knowledge achieved at school in practical life.

Textové pole: Contact:

School Management

Headmaster:  Ing. Peter Országh




Textové pole: *Address:  
Watsonova 61 
041 38  Košice
Textové pole: Deputies of Headmaster:

Responsible for specialist subject:
              Ing. Eva Polačková
Responsible for comprehensive subjects:
                             Mgr. Jozef Barta
Administrative manager:		
Ing. Jana Mazagová

Textové pole: Headmaster: 
		Ing. Peter Orzságh